New KAM Journal: Twelve Influential Early Korean Preachers

By Michael Thompson, Director of Communications

The Korean American Ministries (KAM) at Columbia Theological Seminary has published a new journal issue, No. 6 “Twelve Influential Early Korean Preachers.” The whole issue is available in English and can be downloaded at

“Twelve Influential Early Korean Preachers” represents a sampling of Korean sermons, and highlights the significant life of early preachers in the history and development of the Protestant churches in Korea. This is not a complete list, but is a representation of denominationally recognized names of early Christian leaders in Korea.

Over the past few years, Columbia Theological Seminary has experienced a gradual increase of Korean students studying in the MDiv and other degree programs. In spite of the growing population of Korean students in U.S. theological institutions, we do not know much about the Korean context. Thus, there is much to be learned from these Korean students and what they represent in the growth of the church and the challenges they are facing.

As director of Korean American Ministries and the first Korean to be a tenure-track professor in the history of Columbia Seminary, Dr. Paul Huh is receiving a number of inquiries about Koreans, Korean-Americans, and Korean Christianity from the community and other theological institutions around the world. Recently, an Australian website for Biblical studies requested permission to reproduce the KAM journals into separate files for each of the individual writers.

This particular issue, No. 6 is fruit of the good work by Korean students in a class that Prof. Huh taught on “Korean Worship and Preaching” during the Fall of 2013. In order to define Korean worship and preaching, the students were assigned to research examples of historical sermons, and learn from pastors whom they respect and by whom they have been influenced. The choices crossed denominational differences depending upon the availability of printed sermons. The class realized immediately how little information is available on this subject, especially in English.

For this particular edition, Prof. Huh thanks Dr. Jae Hyun Kim, founder and director of the Korea Institute of Advanced Theological Studies (KIATS). Because the KIATS series has introduced and translated primary Korean documents into English, the class was able to do their research in the English language. Many thanks goes to each student writer who helped make this valuable information known to a wider audience outside of the classroom.

Information about Korean programs at Columbia Seminary

Information about current activity by Columbia Seminary Faculty & Staff

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