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Jesus Is Come!

At an event honoring Steve Hayner, a beautiful story was told by Steve’s former pastor Thomas Daniel ’03 about a special nativity set in the Hayners’ home. You may see the video of the full story below.

May God’s favor be with you
during this Advent and Christmas Season,
as we wait together with all of our hopes and fears.
May we affirm God’s Word with expectation
in our homes and daily lives,
for with God nothing is impossible.

On behalf of the entire community at
Columbia Theological Seminary,

Many Blessings,
Bill and Peggy Scheu Continue reading Jesus Is Come!

2014 Convocation Sermon: Unfinished Gospel

By Andrew Foster Connors
2014 Columbia Theological Seminary Convocation held on September 4, 2014
Text: Mark 16:1-8

You don’t have to have been in seminary for long to know the way this Easter story is supposed to end: “he is not here. He has been raised.  Christ is Alive!  Hallelujah!” If you don’t know the way this story is supposed to end they probably shouldn’t have let you into seminary in the first place. So it’s a shock to hear the actual ending of Mark’s Gospel. “So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”


That is not the way this story is supposed to end. It can’t end here – not like that. We’re counting on Mary, and Mary and Salome to demonstrate to us that the gospel message – he is raised – makes all the difference for them and for all of us. Continue reading 2014 Convocation Sermon: Unfinished Gospel

Seminary Sunday, September 21

By Randy Calvo, Jr. (’81), Director of Alumni/ae and Church Relations

We are so thankful for the many partners we have throughout the United States and even around the world. And we are especially thankful for all of the efforts made by you and your churches to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the year.

At Columbia Theological Seminary, we continually strive to support churches and alumni/ae in this work, a part of which is doing theological education. While we have ongoing programs and services through our Center for Lifelong Learning, the John Bulow Campbell Library, and our Office for Alumni/ae and Church Relations, we set aside a special day each fall for Theological Education/Seminary Sunday. Continue reading Seminary Sunday, September 21

Alum Develops App to Assist Those in Need

San Diego, CA – Sojourners recently sought the 50 “Greatest Social Justice Leaders We’ve Never Heard Of” to participate in “The Summit” at Georgetown University. Those leaders included Columbia Theological Seminary graduate Dr. Bill Jenkins (DMin ’85).

Founded in 1970 by Jim Wallis, Sojourners is the Washington DC community of leaders who care about changing the world through faith and justice. The Summit was their inaugural gathering of leaders from across the globe on issues affecting poverty, immigration, racial justice, women and girls rights, and the environment.

Jenkins, 66, who grew up in rural Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement, seemed unlikely to become either an urban minister or social justice advocate. But the United Methodist minister is setting a new model for how struggling urban churches may transition into new life and mission as urban ministry centers. He is also developing a revolutionary way churches, charities and social agencies can work together to meet the needs of the hungry, homeless, helpless and hurting. Continue reading Alum Develops App to Assist Those in Need

Responding to Guns Everywhere

By Drew Stockstill (MDiv ’12)

If we are Facebook friends or if you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed an onslaught of stories on gun violence ricocheting through your newsfeed on a daily basis. Earlier this year, my senior pastor Baron Mullis and I along with hundreds of other Georgia clergy stood against legislation that would have required us to allow guns in our places of worship. In the process, I realized there is much I have to learn about the actual nature of gun violence in our state.

I grew up in south Georgia where hunting is popular and even though I did not hunt, I did enjoy shooting (clay) skeet. Many of my friends and family own guns. And perhaps like many of you, I have personal connections to victims of gun violence. Still, I felt I needed to become more mindful of how guns are truly experienced in our communities, so I made a personal commitment: to read every story of gun violence in Georgia for a month, to post the story on Facebook with the #gunseverywhere hashtag, and to tweet the story on Twitter to both Governor Deal and candidate Jason Carter. Continue reading Responding to Guns Everywhere