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Ministry in the Motherland

Brandon Perkins (‘16) and Micah Dowling (’16) both went to Africa for summer internships. Brandon was in Accara, Ghana. Micah was in Durbanville, South Africa. Today, they are sharing their stories as part of an on campus Forum. Vantage magazine approached them earlier this month to share some of these experiences. Continue reading Ministry in the Motherland

The New Global Leadership Endowment

In Honor of President Stephen A. Hayner
Ninth President of Columbia Theological Seminary
and Professor of Christian Leadership Development

Supporters of Columbia Theological Seminary have sought a way to honor Steve Hayner and his many years of service in a tangible way. Given Steve’s commitments to cultural diversity, global outreach, instructional technology and relational leadership, a new Global Leadership Endowment was proposed. This endowment would build on the legacy of his presidency to attract leaders from all walks of life and to send them out into the world for renewed service to God and the Church.

The purpose of the Global Leadership Endowment is to foster initiatives for mutual enrichment and robust scholarship by engaging with leaders from diverse cultures empowering students for creative service in God’s changing world.

Continue reading The New Global Leadership Endowment

International Partnerships at Columbia

John Azumah, Director of International Programs & Associate Professor of World Christianity and Islam

Raj Nadella, Chair of International Programs Committee & Assistant Professor of New Testament

For many decades, Columbia Theological Seminary has been engaged in partnerships with academic, mainly theological institutions and ecclesial bodies of the reformed tradition in various parts of the world. International partnerships enable us to be actively engaged with the global church through exchange programs with various institutions abroad and to host visiting scholars of international repute on the Columbia campus.

As a community, we become givers and receivers of hospitality and make connections all over the world through various exchange programs and by accommodating international students and scholars here in the Atlanta area. We gain an ability to better understand the world and God’s work in different parts of the world through our exchange partners. Such an enhanced understanding allows us to better engage the world outside the U.S. and to collaborate in providing a sustainable and impactful theological education. Continue reading International Partnerships at Columbia

Columbia Mourns Passing of Two International Partners

By Erskine Clarke, Professor Emeritus of U. S. Religious History

During this past summer two distinguished friends of Columbia Theological Seminary died. In June Bishop Dr. Károly Tóth of the Hungarian Reformed Church died at the age of 84. In July Dr. Russel Botman, Rector of the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, died in his sleep at the age of 60. Continue reading Columbia Mourns Passing of Two International Partners

Advancing Instructional Technology

By Chris Peters, MDiv ’14

Wisdom literature encourages the faithful community to seek clarity of vision (Proverbs 29:18).  Over the past few years, Columbia Theological Seminary’s institutional vision has been refined through a Quality Enhancement Plan and ongoing curriculum revision.  As the seminary seeks to be always reforming, a vision for the use of technology to enhance teaching has also come into focus.

In March 2012, Columbia dedicated the Broyles Leadership Center (BLC), creating new classroom environments with expanded and enhanced technological features. Since that time, professors have been actively utilizing the new infrastructure. Expanding the use of instructional technology to support learning goals is happening in various ways at Columbia Seminary – from basic and advanced degree programs to Lifelong Learning. Israel Galindo, Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning, states that this emerging focus is, “about finding the best means to bring about the best learning outcomes.” Continue reading Advancing Instructional Technology