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Our Persistent God

By Shannon Johnson Kershner, DMin ’99

In some ways, this should have been the easiest sermon I have written in a while. Luke (18:1–8) tells us right off the bat what this parable is supposed to be about. While introducing Jesus’ telling of it, Luke states outright in verse 1 it is a parable about the need for persistent prayer and the call to not lose heart. Thus that interpretation should direct the way we hear the parable, right? Maybe. Continue reading Our Persistent God

Charlotte Spins the Parables of Jesus

By Chris Ayers (DMin ’97)

To disrupt the social order and communicate the vastness of God’s love for us, Jesus often used parables. Beyond depictions of the life and ministry of Jesus, scenes from the parables are among the most potent images in art and are a continual source of inspiration for artists worldwide.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Wedgewood Church invite you to celebrate the creativity of Charlotte (Metro) artists and poets as they “spin” the parables of Jesus, enabling us to see the world, others, ourselves, and the parables of Jesus from angles heretofore missed or underemphasized. Continue reading Charlotte Spins the Parables of Jesus