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PC(USA) pastor pens hymn to commemorate those slain in Charleston

The Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, co-pastor of Limestone Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Del., released the hymn, “They Met to Read the Bible,” Saturday following the murder of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. The three men and six women were gunned down Wednesday evening while attending a prayer meeting. Twenty-one-year-old Dylan Roof has been arrested in conjunction with the shootings.

“This hymn is a prayer that we as a society will find courage to change,” says Gillette. “We need to live differently. We can’t put our faith in weapons or in symbols of hatred any longer. We need to hope for justice, to pray for justice, and to work for justice. We need to realize we are all brothers and sisters. We’re all children of God.” Continue reading PC(USA) pastor pens hymn to commemorate those slain in Charleston

Heath Rada to Speak at Spring Convocation

Dr. Heath Rada, Moderator of the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) will speak at the Spring Convocation for Columbia Theological Seminary. The sermon title is “To Listen and To Love.” This will be the first time a Convocation service will be held for the Spring term at the seminary, launching a new tradition in the life of the community. The inaugural event will be held on the seminary campus at 701 South Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA on Tuesday, January 13 at 12:00 pm. Dr. Rada will also speak at a Wednesday Forum on January 14. Continue reading Heath Rada to Speak at Spring Convocation

Montreat Conference on Belhar Confession

The Confession of Belhar is a “cry from the heart” that unity, reconciliation, and justice be practiced in Christ’s church. This confession grew out of Apartheid in South Africa. Given recent events in Ferguson, we are mindful of work that needs to be done in our own time in this country as well.

“A Cry from the Heart for Unity, Reconciliation, and Justice: From Belhar to Ferguson” is a one day conference at Montreat Conference Center on Friday, October 17. We will examine the Belhar Confession in depth through four prominent church leaders, historians, and theologians. Allan Boesak, an influential anti-Apartheid activist and a principal author of the Belhar Confession, will start by clarifying Belhar in its original historical context rooted in the opposition to Apartheid in South Africa in the 1980’s. Boesak currently serves as the Desmond Tutu chair of Peace, Global Justice, and Reconciliation Studies at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Continue reading Montreat Conference on Belhar Confession

My Experience at General Assembly

By Josh Stanley, MDiv ’16

Helping people connect to the internet, setting up committee rooms, pointing lost people in the right direction; this was my role as a student assistant at the 221st General Assembly. Although it may not sound glamorous, it gave me an intimate view into one of the most important gatherings for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with thirteen other people who were passionate enough to give up time from their own summers to be student assistants at the General Assembly.

As one of the student assistants I was among a diverse group of students who ranged from college juniors, who were doing incredible work in the Office of Public witness to recently graduated seminary students already serving the church in a variety of ways. However whether we were seminary students or not made no difference, because we were all there as volunteers. We all decided to take time out of our summer vacations and busy work schedules, because we were passionate about the church and helping it continue to progress forward. Through coffee-fueled days and nights that required us to be working before the Assembly began and after it ended, I formed a strong bond with my fellow student assistants. Whether making copies or setting up the plenary hall, I had incredible conversations detailing the faith journeys people took to be where they are now and the direction they hoped the church would take so that it can flourish. Continue reading My Experience at General Assembly

Moore-Keish to Preach at PC(USA) General Assembly

By Michael Thompson, Director of Communications

Martha Moore-Keish, Associate Professor of Theology, will preach at the closing worship for the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) in Detroit, MI next week. Her sermon is titled “Bound for the Promised Land” based on Mark 1:1-13. The closing worship service begins at 9:00 am on June 21, though Prof. Moore-Keish will preach at about 11:00 am.

The 221st General Assembly will be held from June 14 to 21, 2014 at the COBO Center in downtown Detroit. This biennial meeting brings together commissioners and advisory delegates from all 172 presbyteries, as well as other delegates and observers from around the world. We begin and end with worship, and in between there are celebrations, deliberations and inspirations for everyone. Continue reading Moore-Keish to Preach at PC(USA) General Assembly